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Unfortunate it a big deal to import configurable products in Magento 1.9.x, simply the core doesn't provide this feature, but we have a solution just open the article below.

Magento 2 Request flow processing

Mar 18, 2018 6:18:15 PM

Routing is the most important piece of any application or framework. This post covers the request flow of magento or routing process in magento2. The Route will define name for a module, which we may use in the url to find the module and execute the controller action.

Amount of products in your store is growing as well as your business grows and it becomes hard to maintain a huge amount of thousand products in admin panel. If you faced with such issue you probably need to try product export in CSV or XML and then import it as well we described in our previous article. Here we are describing how to export product from Magento in CSV or XML.

After launch Magento website you almost need to import products, but how we can do it? I think that the most optimal way of import products in Magento is using import/export profiles, but firstly we have to prepare import profile. By default in Magento we can import products data in two formats: CSV, ExcelXml.

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