After launch Magento website you almost need to import products, but how we can do it? I think that the most optimal way of import products in Magento is using import/export profiles, but firstly we have to prepare import profile. By default in Magento we can import products data in two formats: CSV, ExcelXml.

Preparing file for import products in Magento

We are creating import files in two formats CSV (.csv) и Excel XML (.xml). For editing you can use any spreadsheets editors like: Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. I am using LibreOffice on my Mac, it’s free and fast enough unlike OpenOffice.

Required product attributes for import in Magento

Below you can see a list with required product attributes that should be filled for each product in import file.

Field nameAvailable valuesDescription
store admin (for default values) Store View code
websites base (for main website) Website code
attribute_set String value Attribute set value
type simple, configurable, bundle, downloadable, virtual Type of importing product, usually it “simple” product. You can import in Magento all listed types, but import wouldn’t be full for bundle and configurable products. The main reason is that we can’t link simple products with bundles or configurable due Magento limitations.
sku String value Unique product key
name String value Product name
description String value Product description
short_description String value Product short description
is_in_stock 0,1 Stock status 0 – out of stock, 1 – in stock
qty Number from 0 – N Product stock amount
price Float value Product price
weight Float value Weight product value
status Enabled, Disabled Product short description
tax_class_id None, Taxable Goods, Shipping Tax attribute
visibility Nowhere, Search, Catalog, “Catalog, Search” Nowhere – Not Visible Individually product usually used for configurable products, Search – available in search, Catalog – visible in Magento catalog, “Catalog, Search” – both in catalog and search

Additional product fields

Here we can list with non required product attributes, but I think we should fill it while first product import in Magento.

Field nameAvailable valuesDescription
meta_title String value Html title value
meta_keyword String value Html keywords value
meta_description String value Html description value
image String value Base image path in ./media/import folder. Example: /base_image.jpg
small_image String value Small image path in ./media/import folder. Example: /small_image.jpg
thumbnail String value Thumbnail image path in ./media/import folder. Example: /thumbnail_image.jpg

Note! If you set the same value for base, small and thumbnail then only singe image would be uploaded.

Besides, it’s not good to add system attributes which values you don’t understand. For example, when export of products with different attribute has been executed, import of certain system attributes can cause problems during importing, but you can easily add your own custom attributes.

Example of import product files

Download XLS file
Download CSV file

Setting up Magento import profiles

For importing we need to login in Magento admin panel and move to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles. Next let’s add import profile and press button “Add New Profile”.

Menu Profile Information

Change profile setting as described in table.

Field nameAvailable valuesDescription
Name String value Input profile name
Entity type Products/Customers For current purpose we need to set “Products”
Direction Import/Export We are importing let’s set “Import”
Store Available store We are importing let’s set “Import”
Number of records Number Amount of import products per request
Decimal separator Number separator character Let it be “.”

Profile Information

Menu File Information

Change profile settings as described in table.

Field nameAvailable valuesDescription
File Information Interactive Loading file in admin panel.
Local or Remote server File could be uploaded from local or remove server by FTP. Need to provide required data like: filename, path, host, username, password e.t.c.

Menu File Information

Menu Data Format

Change profile settings as described in table.

Field nameAvailable valuesDescription
Type MS ExcelXML Provided file is in XLS format
Spreadsheet Name Name for sheet in XLS file. Leave blank to use first spreadsheet.
Type CSV Provided file is in CSV format
Value Delimiter Value line separator, leave by-default.
Enclose Values In Values will be wrapped with quote by-default, leave it as is.
Original Magento attribute names in first row Yes/No I suggest to use first row in files as attribute names, so let’s set “Yes” here

Menu Data Format

Run products import in Magento

  1. Login in admin panel.
  2. Move to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles.
  3. Open created import profile.
  4. If you choose interactive way of uploading, then move to the tab “Upload file” and upload it.
  5. Move to the tab “Run profile” and press the button “Run profile in popup”.
  6. Wait for the end of loading and indexing.

Run Magento products import

That’s all I hope it’s everything worked out. You can check catalog in admin. Below there is a short video with the repetition of the setting up profile and importing products.

Magento does let you import configurable, bundle, group, downloadable products, you can check our paid extension for that purpose. Please click here to open the product page.